About JJ

Hi all! I have been a Field Service Specialist in two different regions for over 7 years and have supported various departments (IPD, CCA, C4OB & UniServs). I am very family-oriented and enjoy donating time to our local American Legion Post to help Veterans in Orange County. We also are an AYSO  soccer family who loves to play, watch and referee.

Here is my current union experience:

  • CTA Retirement Trust operations committee member 2021
  • Executive leadership 2009-2014 (CWA), 2019-2020, 2021(CAS)
  • Current CAS Bargaining team member, Organizing Chair, Budget Committee
  • Statewide and local organizing 2010-2014 (Communication Workers of America)
  • Labor negotiations and mobilizing 2009-2014(CWA)
  • Investigation Liaison - Criminal/civil/grievance/violations 2010-2013 (CWA)
  • Changed local and state policy through representation and grievances 2010-2012(CWA)
  • Case law studies and interpretations 2010-2012 (CWA)
  • Political communication with local, state, and national representatives¬† 2009-2014 (CWA)
  • Arbitration preparation and assistance 2010(CWA)
  • Represented employees in P.E.R.B., C.F.R.A., D.O.L., D.I.R., Cal-O.S.H.A., D.F.E.H., E.P.A. cases as well as unemployment hearings and local police issues 2010-2014 (CWA)