Area Directors & Reps


Area 1: Erika Owen
Area 2: Vacant
Area 3: Ingie Williams
Area 4: Valerie Herrera-Garcia
Area 5: Lawrence Lee


Area 1: Vacant
Area 1 Alt: Vacant
Area 2: Elyse Dixon
Area 2: Celeste Frago
Area 2 Alt: Vacant
Area 3: Chelsea Lin
Area 3 Alt: Vacant
Area 4: Shon Baxter
Area 4 Alt: Vacant
Area 5: Sue Chew
Area 5: Becky Roberts
Area 5: Anne Huynh
Area 5 Alt: Vacant

CAS Committees

Last update: 9/22/2021

Jt. 401(K) Advisory

Debra Broock
Shon Baxter

Jt. Associate Staff Training

Roxanne Schofield
Jill Coert


Nessa Connor (Chair)
Shon Baxter
Sara Morell
Valerie Herrera-Garcia
JJ Hewitt
Lance Chih

Budget & Finance

JJ Hewitt (Chair)
Pam Miller

Bylaws & Standing Rules

Lance Chih (Chair)
Roxanne Schofield


Becky Roberts (Chair)
Christine Barbieri
Elyse Dixon (Webmaster)
Gladdie Cabral
Anqi Hong

Conflict Resolution

Katherine DeJesus
Jill Coert
JJ Hewitt
Sara Morell

Jt. CTA/CAS/CSO Diversity

Mary Gutierrez
Ingie Williams


Elyse Dixon (Chair)
Lance Chih

CAS General Membership

April Jones (Chair)
Heather Worsham
Ingie Williams
Michaela Tee
Aurora Curiel Rogers


Yolanda Mogannam (Chair)
Lance Chih
Becky Roberts

Health & Welfare Trust

Pam Miller (Chair)
Jill Coert
Shon Baxter
Sara Vega-Junge


Michaela Tee (Chair)
Sharon Higa

Jt. New Staff Orientation

Jill Coert
Lance Chih
Sara Morell


JJ Hewitt (Chair)
Sara Morell
Gladdie Cabral
Ingie Williams
Daisy Sandoval

Jt. Reclassification

Jesus Lomeli
Ingrid Williams


Sharon Higa


Maria Hernandez - Historian

Retirement Trust

Lawrence Lee (Co-Chair)
Jesus Lomeli (Co-Chair)
Valerie Herrera-Garcia
Tammie Luu
JJ Hewitt
Nessa Connor


Jt. Sub-Committee on Safety

Lawrence Lee
Lance Chih

Jt. Technology

Mary Gutierrez
Anne Huynh


Nessa Connor (Chair)
Yolanda Mogannam

If you are interested in any of the vacancies listed above, please use the Committee Volunteer Form to apply.

Committee Activity Level Description
Bargaining Team Extremely High to Low Responsible for bargaining with the CAS contract with CTA including salaries, economic benefits, hours of work and other terms and conditions of employment.
Budget & Finance Low Confers once a year, prior to the last Executive Board meeting of the year, to set the budget for the new year. Treasurer serves as ex-officio.
Communications (Includes Webmaster) Moderate Responsible for writing, editing, producing, and distributing CAS communications  and maintenance of the CAS Website (Webmaster duties).
Conflict Resolution Low Assists in managing and resolving conflict between CAS members and/or between CAS and CSO members before issue(s) escalate and/or management involvement occurs.
Elections Moderate Conducts all CAS elections. Responsible for keeping records related to elections, creating election notifications and ballots, and suggesting updates to the CAS Elections Manual.
Annual General Membership Meeting Low/Moderate Responsible for planning meeting logistics and venue for annual general membership meeting, including site selection and hotel accommodations, schedule, meeting promotion and announcements, and registration. Assists CAS officers in planning of program content, etc.
Grievance Extremely High Knowledge of CAS Contract, grievance processing, contract enforcement practices and arbitration. Must be willing to work on own time. (Grievance work often requires working on lunch hours, before and after work, and on weekends, and involves meeting strict and specific timelines.)
Membership Moderate Maintains CAS member database. Updates CAS map.
Organizing Moderate/High Ability to work under time pressure. Creative, ability to produce flyers, organize events and people on short notice with limited timeframes. Works closely with Area Directors and Reps, membership chair, bargaining team and sister union in distribution of materials. Knowledge of organizing theory, principles and practices very helpful.
Recognition and Remembrance Low Sends out CAS correspondence acknowledging events in members’ lives (retirements, births, marriages, bereavements, graduations, illnesses, etc.).
(headquarters preferred as this is where the CAS Storage unit is)
Low The Historian is the keeper of the minutes of all regular business meetings, correspondence, reports, accounts, copies of the CAS newsletter and of any other CAS publications and, in general, of all the records of the activities of the Union. Maintains CAS files/archives.
Reclassification Low Counsel and coach members on reclassification criteria and assist members who request reclassification with preparation of presentation to CTA Reclassification Panel and supporting documentation.
By-Laws & Standing Rules Low/Moderate Responsible for changes to the Bylaws and Standing Rules and keeping them in line with one another and providing training to Rep Council on parliamentary procedure.
Training Moderate Research available trainings for CAS leadership and membership and report back to CAS leadership regarding cost, availability and content.  Provide logistical support for trainings.
Joint Committees with CTA and/or CSO
Safety Committee Low/Moderate Monitoring employee and workplace safety issues and exploring with CTA and CSO the need for safety and assessing trainings appropriate to such issues.
401(k) Advisory Committee Low Meets with CSO and CTA Controller to discuss and offer input/advice on matters related to 401(k) issues.
CTA/CAS Associate Staff Training Low Meet annually and as needed with CTA to explore potential topics and subject matter for negotiated CTA-provided trainings and workshops for CAS members.
Technology Low Ability to relate CAS concerns and interests to CTA regarding technology and computer issues. Some knowledge of computer software and hardware is essential. Regularly scheduled meetings are held with CTA and CSO.
Health and Welfare Trust High Responsible for all aspects of the administration of health benefits through the CTA Employees Health and Welfare Benefits Trust. Meets at least 4 times a year with CSO and CTA Management.
Retirement Trust High Responsible for all aspects of the administration of retirement benefits through the CTA Employees Retirement Benefits Trust. Meets at least 4 times per year with CSO and CTA Management.
Diversity Low Joint committee with representatives of CTA, CAS and CSO that works to ensure a diverse, inclusive and collaborative workplace and workforce and makes recommendations to implement CTA’s Diversity Program.