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      Jill Coert

      Hi CAS members,

      I wanted to address a rumor going around about the meeting in September – that the unions pushed for this meeting and that is why it is happening. CAS did not push for this meeting to happen. Joe Boyd came to me and said he would like to do this, and wanted to know if CAS thought it was a good idea, and if CAS would support it. I did talk to CSO President Bruce Saathoff, and he said that CSO had asked for an All Staff meeting to clarify the latest organizing plan and to make sure that everyone was on the same page because they were getting different information from different managers.

      My answer was clear to Joe – I thought it was a good idea, IF the meeting could be held safely (Covid) and if it was relevant to CAS.

      To those ends, I asked our CAS VP, Lance Chih, to represent CAS at the weekly planning meetings. Lance is advocating for Covid testing prior to the meeting, and for program content that is relevant to CAS.

      CAS had fought for decades to be recognized as an integral part of the functioning of CTA by being included at All Staff meetings, planning sessions and other CTA meetings. This is extremely important for visibility of CAS members to board members and management, and for the recognition of what CAS contributes to the organization.

      Just wanted to clear that up!


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      Chelsea Lin

      Thanks for that information, Jill! Quick question (I’m posting here in case others have the same question)–since the meeting starts at 1pm (with lunch at noon), if we’re local, do we need to go into the office and work that morning or can we just head straight to the AS meeting?

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